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Welcome to our world. Global FranTech Group presents the most exciting Real Estate project of the world.
The Third Generation of World Trade Centers.

Explore the great opportunities that Third Generation World Trade Centers brings.

For past 35 years, Global FranTech Group has been the platform for innovations and technologies to emerge as viable and profitable businesses. And now with the onset of FranTech World Trade Center 3G project Global FranTech Group brings yet another licensing opportunity in the sphere of International Real Estate.

For mutual development and expansion FranTech enters into various international strategic alliances under which we develop and market business and technology licenses. Following this our alliance with WTCA has brought forth 'The World Trade Center 3G project' which will mark the onset of a new trend in global trade especially in Asian and other emerging nations.

WTCA-World Trade Center Association is the organization that has been instrumental in providing a neutral and apolitical platform that enhances stability, peace, world trade and development, leading to economic growth.

As Global FranTech Group and WTCA share a common mission and vision of contributing towards the growth of all developing economies, we believe the commencement of this alliance and the FranTech WTC 3G project will bring a new beginning in the world of business.